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An IFP School mission to Korea

November 7, 2016

On the occasion of a visit to Korea from 27th September to 5th October 2016, Pierre Duret, Director of IFP School’s Center for IC Engines and Hydrocarbon Utilizations, first participated in the FISITA 2016 World Automotive Congress – Creative Thinking for Future Automobiles – which took place in Busan and whose focus was: “How to become a Global Automotive Powertrain System Engineer?”.


Oral presentation:

The aim of this communication was to present IFP School’s original pedagogic approaches to train the students from the Powertrain engineering program to develop a powertrain system answering both global market challenges and adaptable to specific local constraints and expectations from users of different countries and backgrounds. Beyond the acquisition of technical competencies, these approaches also help develop intercultural skills, the use of interactive pedagogy based on gamification, flipped classrooms, MOOCs (Massive On-Line Open Course), etc.

The Director of the Centre also met with representatives from 3 major Korean universities especially renowned in the powertrain and mobility sectors: KAIST, SNU and Hanyang University. The aim was to study the possibility of developing academic partnerships with IFP School for student exchanges and to set up a double diploma between IFP School and a major Korean university.

Finally, on this occasion, doctoral students under Professor BAE’s supervision organized the visit of the Engines laboratory at KAIST University (see photo).