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Amicale Annual Dinner

The annual dinner of the IFP School Association amicale des diplômés (AAID - the IFP School Alumni Association) was held on Friday 25 November 2016 at the "Le First" restaurant in the Hôtel Westin in Paris. The classes of 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006 were this year’s classes of honor for the event.

More than one hundred people enjoyed the evening, held within a chic and relaxed atmosphere, in the presence of special guest Francis Duseux (RAF 1973), UFIP (French oil industry union) President, Jean Sentenac, Association President, and Jean-Christophe Flèche, IFP School Development Director, who was representing Philippe Pinchon, Dean of IFP School.

Student representatives, traditionally associated with this event, were also full of praise: "This dinner was an extremely enjoyable experience and I had some very interesting discussions with several of the network's members. I'd like to thank IFP School and the Association for this meal held in fabulous surroundings: a very pleasant way of bringing generations of the School's graduates together", declared Damien Roche, DEG 2017.

It is important to note that the dinner was supported by three industrial partners: Axens, Crealyst and the SEA (Service des essences des armées, the French Military Fuel Service).

At the end of the evening, the AAID handed out three "Prix de l’Amicale" awards: the nominees were Aglaé Auclaire (PRO 2011) and Pierre Becard (ECO 1985) in recognition of their contribution to the creation and coordination of the graduate network in Switzerland (the Bulle club for Aglaé and the Geneva club for Pierre). The 3rd prize was awarded to Alain Robert (APP 1985), former Amicale president from 2002 to 2005, in recognition of his contribution to the running and modernization of the Association.



Publication of L’Hydrocarbure issue 264


Issue 264 of L’Hydrocarbure, with an editorial by Jean Sentenac, has just been published. In it, the president of the Alumni Association, elected in March, reaffirms the association's raison d'être as well as its priorities for the future (results of the reflection process conducted with members of the Board of Directors). As in the previous issue, the feature report is dedicated to the energy transition, with a focus on the economic aspects and challenges associated with energy choices: How can the actual value of energy be estimated? What factors influence oil price variations? What is the current status of "carbon finance"? etc.

The journal is now available online on the association's website.



Lecture by Jean Rossarie

On 8 December, Jean Rossarie, former crude oil supply and price risk manager at Total, gave a conference at IFP School on oil price and its determining factors, to complement the article published in the journal (see above). The clear, well-documented presentation was followed by an extremely informative debate. Depending on their knowledge of the subject, participants learned more about the way physical and financial markets operate, and discussed some of the more fundamental aspects relating to varying degrees of market competition.