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Alumni Fund: 5 years of support


In 2012, IFP School joined forces with the Tuck Foundation to set up the Alumni Fund, an annual fund aimed at collecting donations from the School's former students.


This recourse to private resources should not be seen as a substitute for the state funding IFP School receives or as a replacement for the industrial support the School continues to seek.


The Alumni Fund is aimed at bringing additional resources to IFP School, enabling it to attract the best applicants from around the world by offering grants that cover students' living costs while studying at the School.


Since the annual fund was first set up, graduate donations have been used to fund 9 excellence scholarships awarded to students from Belgium, Brazil, Ghana, Greece, India and Portugal. The Alumni Fund also contributed to the launch of our first MOOC dedicated to mobility.


The support of its alumni is important for the School's continuing development. By supporting IFP School through the Alumni Fund, graduates help increase the recognition of the School's training programs around the world and assert their affiliation with the IFP School community.


Many former students benefited from IFP School's scholarships during their studies or, more recently, Tuck Foundation grants We hope that everyone will mobilize to allow talented young people to enjoy the same high-quality study conditions as they were offered during their time at IFP School.


There are currently just 260 graduate donors, a somewhat disappointing figure given the total number of alumni.


So we're hoping to see more of our graduates come on-board, especially given the considerable tax advantages available to donors who pay their taxes in France or a number of other European countries. Hence, if you pay your income tax in France, you can transform your tax on revenue into a useful lever for educating the engineers of the future. If you donate €300 to the Alumni Fund before the end of 2016, you will benefit from a tax reduction of €200 in 2017.


Donations can be made online via the alumni.ifp-school.com website or by check made payable to the Tuck Foundation.


Thank you in advance for your generous donations!



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