• The 2nd edition of the 24H de l’innovation au centre de la Terre (24H innovation at the Centre of the Earth) took place on 2nd and 3rd December last, on the premises of ESC Pau business school. This is a meeting focusing on creativity and innovation during 24H and whose goal is to develop creative and innovative concepts and productions (processes, products, software, services, artistic creations, communication&marketing campaigns, etc.) from subjects revealed during the opening ceremony of the event.

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Transitioning to new and clean energies


Unprecedented challenges are facing the energy industry in the 21st century. This is especially true in the transportation field, where global demand is growing exponentially and shows no sign of letting up. Oil and gas are non-renewable resources that will not meet this demand indefinitely. At the same time, we are witnessing the continuing development of new energies and technologies. Besides, finding a solution to the global warming issue is becoming increasingly urgent.

In this situation, how can we secure a sustainable source of energy for the future? How can we maintain our energy supply and limit greenhouse gas emissions?

To address these various challenges and achieve sustainability, our societies need to develop clean and renewable energies.

This means creating the conditions necessary for a progressive and balanced transition. Diversifying our energy sources will enable us to limit impact on the environment while we search for new alternative energies.

IFP school trains high-level professionals who can respond to today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges, thus satisfying the needs of the energy and transportation sectors.